Started in 2016, The Wire’s Dream is a semi-annual magazine that values your story, your life perspective, and your worldview. As an extension of The Black Lion Journal, The Wire’s Dream Magazine aims to creatively examine the ways communication can serve to validate, recognize, and share value of those who are unvalued. The Wire’s Dream features creative work in Fiction, Poetry, Art, Creative Nonfiction, Photography, and Combined Work.

Our Publisher’s Credo:

We Believe In Culture, History, & In The Lived Experience

We Believe In Diversity & Inclusivity

We Believe In Sharing Voices Of Marginalized & Oppressed Individuals

We Believe In Reinterpreting Traditional Molds Of Authenticity & Legitimacy

We Believe In Honoring Underrepresented & Differing World Views

We Believe In Recognizing Underrepresented & Differing Truths & Realities

We Believe In Creating A Standard Of Journal Ethics

The Editor

Christina Lydia has been in the publishing scene for over 5 years. She worked as an Editorial Assistant for Poetry International and was their Senior Submissions Administrator handling high-volume submissions and poetry awards. She likes books and cleverness, Harry Potter, writing, and, of course, cats.