It’s been a while since I’ve posted here on social media. But through this absence, I haven’t been ignorant of the pain that many have faced for far too long now. It’s important to always listen to the obvious; to the voices that have been speaking about generational inequities and racism for too long — because the stories are true. And they are more than just stories, they are lived experiences that must be valued too.

So, in light of all that we are experiencing and all that has surfaced from intentional silences, it’s essential for us to believe in truths that belong to those who have been undervalued and often willfully ignored.

I too have dealt with issues of race and inequalities; been treated differently for the color of my skin, for being “a good shade of brown, not too dark but with a good tan.” And my experience in these united states are my own and not my own.

Collectively, people of color have endured much worse than me simply for the melanin level in their skin and for the history and culture they carry in their face — in their voices. If we want true change, we must embrace the challenges ahead… and be willing to make the simple choice of acknowledging the wrong doings our past generations have done to many. It’s our burden to carry and it’s our burden to ensure generations after us won’t have to anymore.

The 8th Collection
I’m happy to present the next collection for The Wire’s Dream. The 8th Collection touches on themes of belonging and parenthood. We see fathers and mothers challenging the modes of love and belonging; we examine the wishfulness and disappointment felt when expectations and realities collide forcefully.

I hope you enjoy the 8th Collection; thank you for reading.