This is an open letter on the progress of The Wire’s Dream Magazine.

For many years, I’ve moved along the cyclical publication cadence working to uphold the journal’s mission. This magazine is a labor of love and it will always be.

That’s why I’ve chosen to take a brief pause as I restructure what it is I want this magazine to do and stand for.

I’ve struggled and debated for over a year now on taking this pause. I know that my labored response as an editor has only hurt those that have supported me and this magazine from the get-go. And to that, I truly apologize. It’s not my intention to be one of those editors that have painstakingly taken far too long to give a response (I truly know how it feels). For that reason, I need to look within and be honest with why it’s taken longer than usual. Truth be told, I am exhausted. Not for the journal or its processes, but mentally and physically. I am tired. And I know there are others who feel the same too.

A lot has happened to us, collectively, as a culture and as a people. We’re still struggling with injustices and hurts and loss. This is no excuse. It’s a reality that has caused me to savor what peace I can find, wherever and whenever I can find it. This magazine used to be my peace. Yet, for a long time, I’ve lost sight on what this magazine’s mission was – and it’s something that I need to refine.

I have plans and ideas that need to become reality. For that, I need some time to work on it. This is my long-winded explanation for why I’m taking a pause. 🙂

I’m completing the 10th/11th Collection as of March 2022. I truly thank those who have been patient and who have yet to send a nasty complaint for how long it’s taking (I’m expecting a few of those…). Rest assured, those that have been selected have been paid; those that haven’t will see a personalized note from me.

Thank you all again and I’ll be sharing updates on the magazine’s progress.

Christina Lydia

Chief Editor


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