The Wire’s Dream Magazine 10th/11th Collection

Hello all. I truly would like to thank you all for your continued support and your patience throughout this time. I’ve been in communication with some of you regarding the future of The Wire’s Dream Magazine; yet, for those that do not know, I have decided to take a pause. This is necessary for my own mental health as well as for the restructuring of what I’d like this magazine

Magazine Update 3/2021

This is an open letter on the progress of The Wire’s Dream Magazine. For many years, I’ve moved along the cyclical publication cadence working to uphold the journal’s mission. This magazine is a labor of love and it will always be. That’s why I’ve chosen to take a brief pause as I restructure what it is I want this magazine to do and stand for. I’ve struggled and debated for

Introducing The Wire’s Dream Magazine 9th Collection

Hello all! What an experience with publishing the 9th Collection! To maintain a similar “flip book style” experience, please use the arrows. I hope you may enjoy as I investigate alternative modes of viewing. Thank you. — Christina Lydia, Chief Editor The Wire’s Dream Magazine 9th Collection Much has been revealed in this past year. Of our perceptions of each other, of the power of misinformation, and even the strength